> Hello, this is Green_Razor here.

UPDATE: The server is now running FTB Unleashed!

This website is the companion to our private minecraft server. This website will let you know the rules of our server, what plug-ins and mods are installed, and other information to make it more fun. This website is a work-in-progress.


We installed the FTB Unleashed mod pack. It is running. We think we've solved our lag issues, mostly. Make sure you set your video options to reduce client lag. If you are experiencing a lot of lag, let us know! Any feedback is appreciated! Be sure to check out the Hats mod! Click "V" to open your hats options. You get hats by killing mobs wearing hats!

After installing the FTB launcher, you need to enable 3 extra mods - Biomes O'Plenty, Hats and Hatstand. Instructions are here!

>Here is a link to the FTB Unleashed wiki.

> Instruction for installing the launcher are here. If you are experiencing lag, or getting booted a lot, changing these settings should help a LOT. If you have any problems, contact me via email, skype or text.